BeriFlow Taps from Nexus Packaging

The BeriFlow tap has been developed to enable the fast and safe decanting of fluids without glugging or gurgling. The BeriFlow 60mm performs superbly with the complete range of Ecostacker containers enabling the user to stack the drum in a horizontal position and dispense product smoothly through the BeriFlow tap.

Beriflow has a patented split spout that allows the container to ventilate whilst it is being emptied. This ensures the pressure inside the container is the same as the air pressure external to the container and the flow of product remains consistent.

BeriFlow Tap Features:

• BeriFlow taps are leak proof even when used with aggressive or strongly creeping chemicals.
• Are available for DIN 45, DIN 55 and DIN 60 neck forms.
• The BeriFlow tap outlet is sized at 19.5mm OD to allow dispensing into a vast range of containers.
• Give high flow rates. In the region of 5 litres/minute for water.
• The BeriFlow tap has a chamfered tip offering cleaner dispensing.
• The BeriFlow tap is food approved and has 100% batch traceability.

The BeriFlow tap outlet can be used for: oils, ethanol, cleaning chemicals, sanitising chemicals, antifreeze, liquid foods and laboratory supplies. Beriflow is not recommended for brake cleaners or WD40 type lubricants.

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BeriFlow Taps from Nexus Packaging
BeriFlow Taps from Nexus Packaging